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Weight Loss Specialist

Wake Family Medicine

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Are you discouraged by repeated attempts to lose weight that haven’t worked, or are you ready to make changes but you don’t know where to start? If so, consider the support of medical weight loss with Mrinalini Kodumagulla, MD, of Wake Family Medicine in Cary, North Carolina. Dr. Kodumagulla and her team offer customized weight loss plans designed to help you not only lose weight, but gain the tools to maintain your weight loss and live a healthier, happier life. To learn more, reach out to Wake Family Medicine online or over the phone today.

Weight Loss Q&A

How can I lose weight?

Wake Family Medicine helps you to lose weight in a healthy way for you through its Obesity Prevention Program. This program focuses on a combination of:


Depending on your unique needs, the team may recommend a diet designed around: low calories, lowered fat, and reduced carbohydrates.

Wake Family Medicine also offers nutrition supplements including:

  • Healthy Transformation® Ketogenic Meal Replacement
  • Healthy Transformation® Balanced Meal Replacement
  • Bariatric Advantage® Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites 500mg


For many people, increased physical activity is key to shedding pounds. It’s also important for reducing your risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Lifestyle modifications

Dr. Kodumagulla and her team help you address and change lifestyle factors that are contributing to your poor health. To make meaningful change, she may recommend behavioral therapy and/or dietary therapy.


To keep you accountable and to make sure your plan is working for you, Dr. Kodumagulla frequently checks in with you and schedules follow-ups.

What happens during my weight loss consultation?

During your first weight loss-related visit to Wake Family Medicine, Dr. Kodumagulla begins getting to know you, and learning why you want to lose weight and what your goals are.

Then, she conducts a detailed physical exam. After she finishes the physical, Dr. Kodumagulla explains the practice’s weight loss program to you, and discusses your health and risk factors and how the program may benefit you.

Finally, if you mutually decide that the program is right for you, you set tangible goals, and the doctor discusses and designs your diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan.

How can I keep my weight loss on track?

To make sure your weight loss stays on track, and to help you maintain your weight loss after you achieve it, the Obesity Prevention Program is broken down into stages throughout the first month.

Weeks one and two

During the first two weeks of the program, as you follow the fitness, diet, and exercise plan, you weigh yourself regularly and record it.

First follow-up

After your first two weeks, Dr. Kodumagulla follows up with you at an appointment, where she performs labs and checks your body-mass index (BMI) for improvement. During this visit, she also asks you if you’ve had any issues with the program.

Weeks three and four

During your third and four weeks of the program, you simply repeat what you did during weeks one and two, but with adjustments for any changes that Dr. Kodumagulla suggests.


After the first month of the program, schedule another visit with Dr. Kodumagulla to check your progress. As time goes on, keep up with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, and schedule regular visits.

If you’re sick and tired of carrying around extra weight, find help getting healthy with Dr. Kodumagulla and her team at Wake Family Medicine. Call or use the online booking tool.