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Clinical Research in Cary, NC


Clinical Research for Wake Family Medicine in Cary, NC

Wake Family Medicine Offers Clinical Research Services and Treatment Near You! Call Now or Schedule an Appointment Online. We Are Conveniently Located at 1831 Lake Pine Dr, Suite 200. Cary NC 27511.

Wake Family Medicine P.C is now conducting clinical research trials in humans. Dr. Kodumagulla, has previous research experience in diabetes, asthma, and IBS-C research studies and is not limited to these fields of study. Clinical research studies are conducted for variety of reasons where safety always being a top priority. Data collected throughout clinical research plays a key role in the improvement of patient’s care. Research is a voluntary decision and other alternatives are available to treat one’s diagnosis. Clinical research studies often compensate eligible candidates for their time and travel throughout course of study.

Research studies are looking for volunteers just like you. Both healthy volunteers and participants with specific health conditions are needed to help answer important questions impacting the health of our friends and family. Join us to improve the health of others.

Key Questions to Ask Before Participating in a Clinical Trial

  • What is the main purpose of this trial?
  • Does the trial involve a placebo or a treatment that is already on the market?
  • How will the treatment be given to me?
  • How long is the trial going to last?
  • What will I be asked to do as a participant?
  • What has already been learned about the trial treatment and have any trial results been published?
  • Do I have to pay for any part of the trial? Will my insurance cover these costs?
  • Is there any reimbursement for travel costs, parking, or child care?
  • Will I be able to see my own doctor?
  • If the treatment works for me, can I keep using it after the trial has ended?
  • Can anyone find out whether I am participating in a clinical trial?
  • Will I receive any follow-up care after the trial has ended?
  • What will happen to my medical care if I stop participating in the trial?

Please call our Clinical Research Coordinator to learn more about our current studies


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